Blue lights


I have a Drobo 2nd generation, fully updated. It is formatted to TB, has 4 hardrives loaded 750, 750, 2 TB and 500. As of now it is filled with 585 GB. The result of this is that it shows 3 blue lights.

I have not added any data recently and that was the status for the last few months. Recently when I start the computer Drobo will show 7 blue lights at launch for around the first 3-5 minutes and then go back to 3 lights.

It is not a problem I would just like to figure out why it is doing that.



its perfectly normal that it takes a few moments to sort itself out

i think its to do with it verifying that the unused space is definitely free

its similar if you delete a LOT of stuff at once - it can take several minutes for drobo to go through and free up the space and reflect the deletion on the blue lights

Thank you for your explanation. I have had the Drobo a few years now and never had this phenomenon. It just started to happen in the last 3 weeks. Because of a project I had for 2 days more than double the amount of data on the Mac that I have now. It got backed up to the Drobo. After 2 days I deleted all this data and I am now back to my 585 GB.

Maybe it still thinks after 3 weeks that the “additional data” is somewhere and starts therefor with 3 lights.

This is after the initial Drobo boot-time capacity light “fill up?”

The boot-time “fill up” pauses at certain stages, and I have had instances where my Drobo will go through the full boot cycle when it otherwise would just “wake up.”