Blue Lights on my Drobo not Working

I just updated my drobo with latest firmware/software and now the blue lights don’t come on. I have 3 partitions an have used 521 GB of the total 3.15TB between the three partitions. Drobo does show volume name as partitioned volume and file system format multiple. Any ideas?

Did these partitions get set up through Dashboard or Disk Utility - Mac or Disk Management - PC?

I’m seeing this as well, I followed the instructions for setting up a dedicated Time Machine partition and the blue lights don’t display usage information. The Drobo Dashboard states that I’m using about about a quarter of my available disk space across the partitioned volume.

Please open a support ticket.

Done: #101217-000026

Just wanted to follow up, had a response from technical support and verifying the filesystem did the trick. No errors where reported but now the lights are showing the correct space utilisation.