Blinking yellow, help!


I’ve been trying to get CrashPlan working on my Drobo 5N. I’ve checked out the thread here on installing it, says I need:


all to be installed to get the app working. Well, I installed each of them manually, one at a time (restarting in between). When installing the last app, Locale, I placed the .tgz file in the DroboApps folder just like the other two and then restarted my Drobo 5N. However, my drobo doesn’t appear to be working now. After restarting, all I’ve gotten is a blinking yellow light with the blue lights constantly moving. What’s happening? What should I do? Please advise. Using latest firmware as of today.

Check whether the unit gets past the boot up sequence without drives installed.

  • Shutdown unit.

  • Remove ALL drives.

  • Boot up without drives.

If the issue persists, the unit may be faulty…

If it boots up okay without drives, try installing Locale again.

Then shutdown and reseat ALL drives, and boot up unit.
Hopefully it manages to boot up properly. If not, maybe you have one or more failing drives…