Blinking Power LED, all drive bay LED off, still working

today i experienced the following with my DroboPro.

After Mac start, the drobo showed a blinking PowerLED and all drive bay acitvations leds were off. The capacity leds showed up correctly and the drobo pro was accessible
by the mac. Even a restart of the mac could not solve this. I had to shutdown and restart the Drobo. In the documentation i could not found anything about a blinking power led. I am working with the newest firmware and the newest dashboard version over iScisi. Did anyone else experienced such behaviour?



I just updated to 1.1.11 and my DroboPro is experiencing the same behavior. Power LED keeps blinking, capacity LEDs are normal, no drive LEDs lit, volume works fine. I’m over FW800 though.

I just submitted a support ticket prior to updating to 1.1.11 as well, because I started hearing a humming noise, possibly from a fan going bad.

Is this the first reboot after the firmware upgrade? We have seen the drive led’s take 10-15 minutes to turn on on the 1st rebboot after the firmware updated.


that´s a good question. Maybe, but I really don´t know. But anyway, if this only happens once then i have nothing to worry about.



I have a drobopro here doing the same thing - no drive lights on, capacity lights normal, power light blinking green. read speeds are around 11MB/s.

hi folks, i have the same issue here - blue capacity indicators are on but no drive lights - can anyone help a non-techie please?
The power light is now slowly flashing yellow.

My first step troubleshooting this would be to connect the DroboPro differently, maybe via USB instead of Firewire etc.
If the unit would still show that indication I would check if the unit also does that while it’s empty:
in other words - I would start the unit without any drive seated to check if Drobo Dashboard picks it up.