Blinking orange and green, but can't see it in Dashboard, help please

My Drobo is flashing all 4 lights orange and green. However I can’t access it in the Drobo Dashboard. It has been working well for a while now, and out of the blue it did this. Why can’t I see it in my Drobo Dashboard?
I’m scared to kill power to it with the orange and green flashing.

What can I do go see what the Drobo is up to and get my data remounted on my machine?

I have rebooted my computer, and also unplugged the firewire cable, but not help.

Getting a bit scared here.

orange and green indictaed that it is rebuilding

i would leave it at least 48 hours before doing anything with it… hopefully it will finish

if you leave it with the firewire cable unplugged then it will just go to sleep when it is finished, then you can plug it back in and it should power one and be detectable