Blinking Green - Orange and Blinking Red

Please any insight.

I noticed a volume wasn’t mounting consistently and when it reappeared I decided to move a lot of data to another volume overnight. When I awoke I found low free space warnings on my desktop and one of three drives was either red or blinking red. I cancelled th remaining data transfers and pulled a new 1TB from my “just in case” closet and stuck in bay 4 leaving the red in bay 3. At that point Bay 1&2 (solid green before new drive) and the new #4 started blinking green to orange and drive 3 (the red one is now off to red (blinking red).

I’m trying not to panic or do anything but definitely tempted to pull #3 and replace with another 1TB.

Data seen in finder on Mac but DasHboard not seeing any connected devices so I’m feeing sort of ok right now but nervous.

How long should I wait to do anything? It’s been about 10hrs. I know if it’s rebuilding it can take days. Can anyone comfort me that is what is happening and ignore the red drive for now?

hi, if the other drives are still blinking / flashing green/orange then please try to wait for them to become solid non blinking (ideally green) before replacing any more drives.

(if a drive fails, and is flashing red for just that drive, then usually we could pull out the failed drive and then replace it with a good drive. as it sounds as though you left that failed drive inside, and added another to trigger a rebuild, then the rebuilding process usually takes about 1 day per 1TB of data that you have on your drobo, and while it may be possible to remove the failed (blinking red drive) i would wait for the rebuild to complete.