BitTorrent Sync as an official Drobo App

Just to keep the forum people updated

Which is better than having to have to manually upload a tgz file.


That’s great! Unfortunately the app installed is the 2.0.128. On official website of Sync you can get the 2.1.1.

I’ve no idea how long Drobo will need to update it through the dashboard.

hi it might be that the app list gets vetted rather than being updated automatically, but it could simply be on their to do list :slight_smile:

Well, packages from App vendors to NAS vendors, always take a bit longer. Looking at what 2.1.1 has to offer is a new public API.

Pretty sure .128 is a pretty good build to go with.

well I couldn’t wait, so I updated to 2.1.1. A little cumbersome, but it was a good idea in my case as it corrected a big bug I had. Before, changes made on the Drobo in a BT Sync folder would not sync across my other devices. But making changes on the devices would work and sync on the Drobo. Basically a one way sync.
By updating the bug disappeared and now everything stays sync no matter where the change is made.

Does the update mechanism in the Drobo Dashboard just not work or what is it?
I have always run my own version of it and now am packaging my own version on the base of the official Drobo version that BitTorrent Sync provides.
Still… in the GUI when you download it through Drobo Dashboard it will not update the binary

Good question. I’m basically never updating using the Drobo Dashboard. I do it manually by dog and draping the tgz files.