Bitlocker on Drobo

Did anyone try windows 7 or Vista’s Bitlocker encryption on a Drobo Pro ?

We do not recommend Windows 7 Back Up Utility.


thats an answer to a completely differnet question?

Bitlocker is unrelated to windows backup

If BitLocker is “full drive encryption” then I don’t think it will work on a Drobo if you have a volume size bigger than your physical disk space as the encryption setup will try to write to all sectors, and if they are not physically present then this will cause a problem…

See: http://support.datarobotics.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/132

i guess it depends on whether bitlocker just encrypts the data, or tries to encrypt the free space (which isnt really there) too[hr]
although it may work if ,for instance, you have a 1tb volume on amuch larger drobo, since that is really all there and none of it is “thin”, but i think that maybe a case of suck it & see!

Sorry, thought he was asking about Windows 7 Back Up Utility OR Bitlocker.

Seems BitLocker encrypts the volume and operates “underneath” the OS, whereas EFS operates on top of the OS disk subsystem.

BitLocker also only seems to apply to the system volume, whereas EFS, because it operates after the OS is booted, can apply to any volume the OS can work with - and EFS works on a per-file basis.


So, I would say EFS should work OK. BitLocker probably won’t. You probably wouldn’t want to put your OS on Drobo to begin with, but that’s just my opinion.

bitlocker can work on any drive, one of the big windows 7 features is that you can use it to encrypt USB thumb drives and read them on any machine. (I’ve used it)

thank you all for the response. I have tried to encrypt a 16TB partition to see if it works. Well it doesn’t.

My Drobo entered a reboot loop and the only way to make it work was to open the case and disconnect the 2 batteries. After that it rebooted correctly.

I do not know if this will be the case with smaller partitions or even if this was a freak incident of a sort but do not try it when you have important data on it. If someone has a free, smaller partition and can do a test, let us know.


Also you said you opened your drobo? This does void the warranty on the product.

If drobo is in reboot loop, you can do a PIN reset of the drobo.

micuzu opened a case of beer. yeah, that’s what he meant.

:slight_smile: thanks for the concern but it was no longer in warranty anyway and it did not work with the pin reset. And Yeah I opened a case of beer after the Drobo rebooted correctly.

Pro’s do have a 2 year warranty and we have only had them on the market about a year and half.

Then you or I should blame B&H because they sold it with 1 year warranty.

Our warranty is listed on each product on our website.


Well… let’s hope then it will not break :slight_smile: in the 7 months left. It was a miscommunication from the store and a negligence from my part.

i suspect their 1 year warranty refers to the period in which they would handle it for you - after that you’d have to go direct to DRI (which 99 times out of 100 would be faster anyway)

Yes EFS works great on Drobo Pro… the single limitation is that your data will only be readable in Windows