Bit Torrent Sync/BT Sync setup help

Hi Folks-
New to Drobo 5N (received from Amazon on Wed) -
One of the main functions I would like my Drobo to do is automatically (one way sync) from my iphone’s photo-library to Drobo. My colleague recommended the BT Sync app.
I got it installed last night (thanks to Ricardo’s post) and was able to access the gui via the browser. Then was on to selecting a folder and create a secrete to enable the sync. (apology that I am spelling everything out, new to the app, didn’t want to miss a step)

however, I was hoping to create a directory/folder of my own naming instead of the ones that are pre-existing. e.g. /zoich/iphone/photos/

  1. Can I do that? - I installed openssh (again thanks to Ricardo) and was able to SSH into drobo. I am not a Linux person by any stretch of imagination except googling the commands on the internet. mkdir didn’t seem to work. do I need to have some admin privilege to the Drobo directory/file system?

  2. Let’s said it worked - can I then manage that folder/will that folder show up in the Bit Torrent GUI?

  3. Lastly, ultimately I’d like to view these photos through my Mac’s filing system. for example, the folder that I had created using the Drobo Dashboard, I can see under the Mac’s “shared” directory. (I see the “Public” default folder that was enabled and the folder that I had created and given read/write permission).

  4. Obviously if I can make the folder which I had created using the Drobo Dashboard and make that a Bit Torrent Sync folder, that would be problem solved… don’t know how to get to it. I guess it has to do when I log in to Bit Torrent Sync GUI, the username is admin and password is password, which means I am not really accessing the “Drobo” specific directory of which my person folder was created using the Drobo Dashboard.

Thanks for helping a newbie…[hr]
Sorry, I mean to post this in the 5N forum. But obviously if anyone here knows this answer is great too!

welcome :slight_smile:

i dont have a 5n and cant advise you much, but just linking the 5n post here meanwhile: