Big Sur Drobo Mounts on Desktop but Dashboard Can't See It

I have a Drobo 5D connected to my iMac via USB.
I upgraded the dashboard (v3.5.2) and firmware and then upgraded my iMac to Big Sur (v11.0.1), after the upgrade the Drobo starts up (all green) and mounts on my desktop fine, it’s perfectly usable but the Drobo Dashboard can’t find it. I have restarted both iMac and Drobo, the DDService64d application has Full Disk Access and the Drobo Dashboard is marked as being an Identified Developer.

I’ve opened a Support ticket but frankly not seeing much progress, I wondered if anyone else has the same problem and if there is a resolution?

yeah, it’s been seen before. Try ejecting your Drobo from Finder and then unplugging your USB cable and plugging it back in. Drobo Dashboard should then see it. You won’t hear from Drobo on this one but I suspect one day a fix will just appear out of nowhere.

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I’m in the middle of backing my Drobo up, will try this when the backup has completed in a few days - thanks for the suggestion :+1:

Nope, not fixed the problem :slightly_frowning_face: but thanks for the suggestion, guess I’ll just have to keep chasing support.

Try the following:

Boot the Mac to Recovery Mode, to do this:

  • Restart the Mac and Hold down keys ⌘ + R
  • Go to Utilities > Terminal and enter in:

Type In:
kmutil trigger-panic-medic -R “/Volumes/Macintosh HD”

In the Terminal window you will see: "Triggering Panic Medic to enable booting into: /Volumes/Macintosh HD Panic Medic done. All third party kexts have been unapproved and uninstalled from /Volumes/Macintosh HD”


  • In Terminal, type Reboot

  • When back on the Mac Desktop, you will see message with regards to Panic Medic Boot along with another Panic Medic Message stating which Driver needs to be unblocked.

  • Launch Drobo Dashboard

  • Click Ok for Panic Medic Message

  • Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and Allow it

  • Is the Dashboard now discovered, if not re-launch the Drobo Dashboard

Unfortunately this didn’t help, I am in exactly the same position - Drobo mounted on desktop and usable, Dashboard can’t find it.

I have the same problem since 2 weeks. If someone can find a solution.

Mine is third Gen. USB.

I had a session with Drobo Support yesterday, so I know they are working on this, but in the meantime I have a manual solution which works fine as long as you don’t restart your Mac very often…

With your Mac booted and the Drobo powered up and mounted on the Desktop (I get a generic hard drive icon) try the following:

  1. unmount the Drobo (drag to Bin)
  2. power the Drobo off and on using the toggle switch at the back

at this point my Drobo powered up, and mounted on my Desktop with the expected Drobo icon, and now the Dashboard can find it.

When you next restart your Mac you’ll end up in the old situation (generic icon, Dashboard can’t find it) so this is acceptable for me until Drobo comes up with a proper solution as I only restart my Mac rarely.

Is it possible to have some of a kind of support or information that can help us about this annoying problem ?

I just got a support ticket response that version 3.6.0 is required for M1 Macs. Problem is that version is no where to be found on the web site.

Well apparently (per support) the only way to get Dashboard running on the M1 Mac currently is to run the beta dashboard and also turn off SIP (system integrity protection).

Hopefully they will figure out a better solution, as I would rather replace my Drobo than turn off SIP.

Or it could be they’re waiting till it’s ready for general release before jumping through Apple’s hoops to get it blessed such that it’ll run with SIP turned on. It is still in beta.

Where can I download the beta?

Any luck finding 3.6.0?

I got it from support by opening a support ticket.

Posting another followup. I ended up setting the security levels at the reduced levels for other reasons and reinstalled 3.6.0. Dashboard is working as expected and is able to see and manage my Drobo.

I have tried uninstalled > Installed 3.2.1 > upgrade 3.51 > 3.52 > 3.6, all did not solve my problem.

Finally, I reinstalled macOS Big Sur, everything seems work now under 3.6

Thank you for the help from drop support team