Big Sur compatibility

I want to buy a Drobo 8D and wanted to know if Drobo has confirmed (or not) compatibility with the upcoming MacOS Big Sur. Anyone know?

I would also like to know time frame for this. When I installed drobo dashboard on Catalina, there was a warning from the Mac OS that the software would not work on future Mac OS.

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I’m a Beta tester for Apple. Not the public beta or the developer beta, what Apple call the Appleseed program. I’m currently running the beta 2 version (11.0 Beta 20A4300b) and using a 5D3. It will not mount using Thunderbolt 3. I had to switch to USB 3 and while it mounts, this is very sloooooow! I will post back when this changes, but give en Drobo’s past history, I would not hold my breath. Maybe, they’ll deliver a Christmas present.

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Same issue and concerns here and worried as most all other software seems to be “prepared” for future MacOS and the Drobo software seems to be largely lagging behind. I also find nothing in terms of basic here’s what’s coming or planned from Drobo anywhere on the support or other areas that I have searched, except for here in the community. I’m hoping customer & product service is not sliding here and that communication on Drobo’s part will improve…

I just tried a test on my 2019 iMac and can confirm that Thunderbolt support on Drobo does not work with Big Sur. Neither my 5D or 8D would work at all. I’ve seen reports that I could use USB on the 5D and it would work but the 8D is SOL at this point. What little I’ve seen from Drobo is their typical, the OS is still on Beta and they will commit nothing on when (or if) it will be supported.

I have solved this issue for my 5D3 on my 2017 27" iMac. I used the uninstaller and uninstalled the Drobo Dashboard. But unbeknownst to me, not all the extensions were removed by the uninstaller. I struggled with this for several weeks until a program called etreCheck (free on Apple App Store) said I had extensions that were not installed. The app pointed me to Mac HD>>Library>>Extensions. There were several kernel extension with the name Drobo and also SCSI and I moved those to the trash and emptied the trash.

I then downloaded a fresh copy of the latest Drobo Dashboard and ran the uninstaller again, figured it couldn’t hurt. I then ran the installer and low and behold, the Drobo 5D3 is now mounted via Thunderbolt 3. I also ran a Speedtest and it’s the same as it was on Catalina.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Apple or Drobo. Do this at your own risk. I don’t know if it will work for any other Thunderbolt 3 Drobo. Good luck.

The reply I got from drobo support was as follows:

“For the message that you’ve seen, this messaging is related to changes that will take place on future versions of macOS, in which kernel System Extensions will no longer be needed”

And they referred me to apples page:

Does this help at all?

Looks like Drobo Dashboard needs to be updated for Big Sur compatibility, is this in the works?

Apple has released Developer software macOS Big Sur (BETA). Betas are test versions of software which may not be feature complete and/or may contain bugs. As we ourselves, are in the test phase, if you choose to test the Beta as well you will have limited or no access to support until we have completed or testing.

5C & 5D3 - Currently working as expected over USB
5D3 & 8D - Thunderbolt is still experiencing issues
B810n - Currently working as expected over Ethernet
B810i - Currently in testing

macOS Big Sure is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2020.

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Hi everyone! Just triple checking that there’s no issues with Big Sur?

There is a 3.5.2 download here on the forum. They state they are putting it on the website but it has been hours. I will wait myself. There are several reporting that the update is working with some having to shutdown after the upload and starting the units again. There is also a security check that will require you to allow in the security and privacy section of system preferences.

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