BeyondRAID crashed after detaching 1 drive!

A Drobo w/ 1x320GB 3x750GB w/ all the latest Dashboard & firmware.
Testing Drobo single-drive redundancy
Scanario#1 Removing No.1 320GB while playing a flash video
BeyondRAID functions properly w/ no performance issue (hardly noticeable)

Scanario#2 Removing No. 2 750GB while playing the same flash video
BeyondRAID crashes after a few seconds and the Drobo starts flash Reds & Greens and repeatedly reboot itself.

Had to reset the unit in order to reformat the BeyondRAID!

Did your drobo return to safe state after reinserting the drive?

I tried those crash tests on my drobo (320+750+1000 GB) and all went fine.

Hummme, now my drobo is getting real sick!!! I’ve reset it half a dozen times and now it won’t allow me to format it via Dashboard. I’m letting those drives to cool down & try again.[hr]
The cooling off didn’t help! So, I yanked out all 4 of my original drivesl inserted a 250GB 2.5" 5400RPM w/ the original 320GB; reset my Drobo. Now, I’m back in business for testing. Just inserted one of my original 750GB and the green status lights are back on. This little drobo never ceased to amaze me! Does indeed have self-healing power.

Bytec, now I can test out the single disk redundancy again. Tks for ur reply!

So where you able to get your original configuration up and working without any data loss or additional headaches?

Not exactly! Had to reset my Drobo half a dozen times and reformat the entire array more than a few times. Luckily I was merely toying w/ the different failure and resync scenarios in our test lab. It’s running fine now but one of the 750GB drives is acting funny - so I removed it. Now, I’m down to 2x750GB (Seagate) + 1 x 320GB (Hitachi). It’s running fine during the past 48 hrs & going strong. Could hardly wait for the arrival of our DroboPro … ETA tomorrow!

So if this were a scenario were your drives were filled with critical data I assume it would have been lost? As far as your 750 gig drive is the drive working or is Drobo not behaving with this drive?