**beware new firmware**

so i get a notice that there is a new firmware for my FS 1.2.4 the drobo asked if i want to upgrade so i do. Well now i can’t get to anything when i try to mount drive i get the internal error message. I am now waiting for tier 2 support. I’m starting to second guess the fs and i have lost all faith in it protecting my data. Are the other drobos more stable? After seeing the 5d i was thinking about upgrading for more speed but this is going to make me hold off and possibly look to another company. I have to stop recommending products to people.
fs purchased 10-6-10
rma 8-16-2011 all data lost
now 6-29-11 and I’m back to possibly loosing everything again

hi lilmil, do you have any more info you can pass us like operating system and dashboard version too?[hr]
edit: im always wary of new versions, but try not to do anything quick just yet and hopefully there might be a safe way to recover things to a working state for you

osx 10.7.4. drobo dashboard 2.1.2. i was having trouble before with the unit going into protection mode. Support said that i had a drive failing even though all drives where status green. i replaced the drive they told me to about 1-2 weeks ago

can the dashboard detect it in any way?

if the drobo fs is not connected to the mac, (or anything else) does it still boot up and run through capacity blue leds and show you drive green statuses?

dashboard detects it fine but gives internal error if i go to shares or capacity.Also under status it says 63%used and 100% free.

This is worrying. Since upgrading to the latest firmware I have experiences some serious data corruption. I think I need to try and pull off what I have on the Drobo-FS while I can, but I don’t know where I am going to put it all!

This happens to me a lot. I usually notice this by my mysql install not working properly, as the droboapps share, and i guess the system share goes readonly. My file shares work as they should, though, so it’s not the entire drobo closing down.

The solution for me is (and this was recommended to be from drobo support) is to go through the following procedure:

  1. Download the firmware version you’re on from the drobo website and put it on a local drive (not the drobo)
  2. Shut down drobo from the dashboard (if you can’t, use the button on the back)
  3. Pull all the drives
  4. Start drobo and wait for it to appear in the dashboard. It will be complaining about not having any drives.
  5. Go to tools, the pick manual firmware update. Use the one you downloaded before.
  6. When complete, reboot drobo
  7. When rebooted, shut down. Put the disks back in as they were.
  8. Start drobo. This might take a while, but when it’s done, used/free space should be back to normal.

I know this seems a little scary, but I’ve done this four or five times now, with no problems. If I remember correctly, the reason given to me was that I have a lot of files, and that somehow this can mess the drobo system up a bit. By reloading the firmware, you force drobo to rebuild some sort of file system cache (this gets cleared out when you reload the firmware).

For a little more background, see

Best of luck!


hopefully i will ge a call from their 2 and see what there recommendation is. What about the drobo s on a previous support claim they said i could swap for a drobo s, are they more reliable seems like the fs has to many software glitches with the thing.[hr]
i would see about an upgrade to a 5d but I’m on a iMac and don’t have usb3 or Thunder bolt. Anyone know if the 5d with the faster processor and mssd on usb2 will be close to drobo s on fw800

The FS units are definitely tasked with more than the non-FS units.
In particular, the FS units act as a file server machine, so they are handling both the embedded filesystem as well as the BeyondRAID storage abstraction.

The non-FS units simply handle the BeyondRAID storage abstraction, it’s up to the connected computer to deal with whatever filesystem is on the unit.

I was given a custom fw from teir3 support currently it is running the maint and was told to email a log in 24 hours. Hopefully after maint functions I’ll get my stuff back. I like how they want you to clone all drives b4 doing this. Sure I’ve got 5 extra drives lying around. NOT

well custom firmware did nothing, and the tech that is working my ticket is off, some I’m told they will try to get someone else. that was 5 hours ago. I thought my companys support sucked this makes us look good. Anyone have experience with synology or qnap. I was thinking the staying NAS but maybe DAS would be a more reliable option. Just for media library, and home backups and I hold backups for family members, or at least I had backups for family members.

Crap, I should have read the forum before upgrading, I am having the same issue now after blindly saying yes to the upgrade prompt.

Perhaps you should try this then:



hi supertuesse i saw in your post you said that you had a lot of files… can you let us know how many files, and folders, and how much space your data is?

I’m trying to let support work its process to see how bad they are, but if I don’t get it fixed ill try your recommendation.

Is there an easy way to get number of files/folder across shares, perhaps from the shell?


ah im not sure, i thought maybe you could do one of those right-click properties on the root folder to obtain the value - but i guess if you have a lot of shares that might be tricky :smiley:

I’m stuck in the same boat - upgraded blindly to 1.24 and now getting the mount issue. I attempted the “remove the drives, reinstall firmware” fix, but still having the same problem.

I want to try the control-shift-m repair, but Drobo Dashboard 2.2 doesn’t seem to support this? I’m guessing it’s the “Drobo Repair” button on the Tools page, but I’m nervous because it’s not mentioned anywhere in the documentation.

Atleast I’m not the only one with this issue

Nope, you’re not, which makes it a little frustrating that they aren’t recalling this version. I’ll report back when the File System Maintenance completes and let you know how it worked out.

and I just discovered that my DroboCare expired two weeks ago…