Best way to keep folders in sync between a DroboPro and a Drobo?

My setup is:

Drobo - 4x1TB
DroboPro - 8x1TB w/DD-redundancy

The stuff I deem “very important” I have on both Drobo’s, but right now I’ve just been manually copying and replacing those folders from the DroboPro to the Drobo periodically.

What’s the best way of tagging a bunch of folders and having it just do this automatically? I took a quick glance at DroboCopy just now and I’m wondering if this will do what I want it to do, and if it actually works well.

Any suggestions?

I’m on a Mac by the way.


Have a look at the command-line utility rsync to synchronize two folders. You can also schedule the job to run periodically in cron. This will require using the terminal and some command-line options.

If you prefer something with a graphical interface then there is DroboCopy or arrsync (a GUI front-end for rsync). Never used these myself.

Lacie’s Silverkeeper will do this for you and can be automated with a scheduler…


I use this with my Leopard Mac copying between Drobo - NAS - single storage device and server as long as the drive is mountable on the desktop.

rsyncs is good. so it SuperDuper, and also Drobo’s own DroboCopy.