Best way to backup entire drobo

I have a 2nd generation drobo with 4 2TB hard drives in it. Its worked great for the past 2 years and i use it to store my entire itunes library. While i have peace of mind about protection against drive failure i would like peace of mind about backing up in case the entire thing goes into a funk. I am going to purchase a 4TB external drive and connect it to my system. I have a Mac Pro running Mountain Lion.

What is the best method to back up the drobo. Since my iTunes library is about 2TB i would prefer not to do it manually. However daily backups are not nessessary as i don’t add files too often.

Should I use Time Machine, can i have 2 seperate time machine back ups running since i use it to back up my system files. Would Carbon Copy Cloner be a better solution.

Any other ideas i may have missed?

Well, the best way is to use another Drobo. :smiley:

Before I received my 5D, I had a v2 Drobo (2x3TB, 2x2tb) with a ~4.5TB iTunes library. I was using 2x3TB USB3 Western Digital in a RAID0 (6TB useable) and Time Machine plus Crashplan to back it up.

Now the iTunes library is on the 5D and the v2 Drobo is used for Time Machine.

Right now another Drobo is not in the cards. Any other ideas. I would also worry that a problem in my Drobo dashboard could corrupt both devices.

I use rsync to a USB-connected SATA dock. It’s not fancy, but I prefer simple and reliable. Granted, I have 2TB Drobo volumes.
rsync -rlPt --exclude=Ignore --delete /Volumes/Drobo /Volumes/Backup

Of course, I also back up the really valuable data to CrashPlan.

I posted my original setup in the reply. I used 2x 3TB externals to backup my Drobo. As, rdo stated, I also use Crashplan.

Yup 2x3TB would be the way to go, as a 4x2TB Drobo v2 has 5.5TiB of usable space.

i use 3TB seagate goflex backup desktop USB 3 hard drives to back up my drobos. i have 4 drobos, 2 original and 2 5s. waiting to get 2 new onea with thunderbolt. each pair of drobos has all my photos from my work as a photographer. i believe in back up, backup, backup. i lost client’s photos in the past becuase systems crash and burn. i can’t afford to go through that mess again.

[quote=“phillip2446, post:7, topic:32008”]i believe in back up, backup, backup. i lost client’s photos in the past becuase systems crash and burn. i can’t afford to go through that mess again.

Fault-tolerance is a convenience.
Backup is a necessity.

hi brian, as you’ll see in my sig, i also use another drobo for initial backup…but…

whatever way you do it, try to also use something that can create checksums of your files.
eg, so that when you copy your data to it’s destination, you can actually verify and confirm that your data was copied exactly.

if you have lots of data and are doing a manual copy and paste, try to do it in parts.
maybe a few folders at a time
that way if something goes wrong or power cut etc mid transfer, you wont have as much to recopy or reverify.

if you find any good mac-equivelent software of Syncback, that is a very good tool to keep track of what has changed between source and destination and has worked very good for me.

and dont try something new on your data - make a small test folder so you can test the concept and fully understand how the backup process with work before you do it.

Paul makes a very good point - copy validation/verification is also important, as is periodic re-check.

I have recently suffered some oddities copying files off my camera’s SD card to my local drive - just because the copy completes doesn’t ensure it completed correctly. :frowning:

Now I use software that does CRC validation on the copy to local and the subsequent copy to my server (which does does checksum revalidation).

All this technology - it makes me paranoid. :S

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Any software recommendations for OS X that will do a checksum or validate that the data is copied correctly?

I don’t need it to sync periodically, simply backup from time to time manually is enough for me.

I’ve tried using Grsync and arRsync which use OS X’s built-in rsync feature but it’s a little overwhelming in the different sync options available. I’m never sure which one does what until I try a test beforehand.

I created a simple shell script “” to copy to my 2TB external drive.
rsync -av /Volumes/Drobo --delete --progress --exclude=Virtual\ Machines /Volumes/backup-2TB

If I wanted it to compute checksum for every file, every time (which would take much longer), I would change that to
rsync -avc…

I have another rsync script to back up other bits to other USB drives, since not everything on my Drobo fits in 2TB. They’re all just variants on that one line.

Others here like Carbon Copy Cloner.

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