Best way to back up drobo 5n??

Hi All

Got a drobo 5N with about 10TB installed of various media andfiles, how ever I have hit a brick wall with regards to backing it up to the cloud.

I have an imac and MacBook Pro, as well as an ipad and iPhone, which backs up to my drobo, however I have no back up solution for my drobo. I have looked at the apps and elephantdrive is just too expensive, and crash plan doesn’t backup the drobo to its servers.

Does anyone have any good working solutions, to backing it up. For the record I’m more worried about photos as I have millions and these can’t be replaced.

Thanks in advance

Crashplan does backup Drobo to their servers…I’m using it now. Setting it up isn’t the easiest, but there is documentation on how to do it. I figure $60/year is pretty good considering.

am not sure how much another 5n with matching drives would cost you, but apart from offsite backup (which has its benefits), maybe the $60 per year could also be spent on buying some bare drives that you can simply plug in via usb to the computer and copy/backup/verify your files to meanwhile?

apart from extra backups/locally/offsite of important stuff,
i also essentially back up one of my drobo’s to another drobo as per my sig below

I know this might seem stupid but why not archive photo’s to Blue Ray data disks. This way you would not loose any photo’s. Also store pic’s as data not photo disc and compression software could be used to max space. I know not as quick but worth the trouble if they are that important. Hardware will fail some day! Never know when! It got me and my backup!!!

Easiest way I’ve found to backup my Drobo 5N (5x4TB) is to… another Drobo 5N. Using RSync, the backup drobo sync’s up daily with the main Drobo.

I moved away from Crashplan to SOS. It backed up terabytes of my data in weeks instead of months. Unlimited too!

This is exactly what I would like to do, but how do I install RSync? Are there any instructions?

hi wongl, here are some links that may help you, including an app link from ricardo:
while i only use Das drobo here, a very good tool that has worked perfectly for me every time, (on windows) is a tool from the syncback range. thats what i use whenever i want to backup data from one computer to another, or from one drobo to another (or a mixture).

is you are not able to rsync, then im pretty sure that synback supports network drives too, and can be used to selectively backup your data folders from one to the other. i use the mirror-right approach as it seems to be the simplest, less error-prone method out of several that it has, but please always try a test first, using a small copy of some of your files or folders first, just to make sure you are happy with the way it works etc. (there is a free version which might work for you, but i use the syncbackSE paid version but its not too expensive).[hr]
(you can also search for syncback here on the forums and find more details too - most posts about it are probably from me) :slight_smile:

I tried crashplan and it was simply too expensive. Then I found sosonlinebackup which was great… until … I found out I couldn’t move my online files from one place to another! I got in touch with support and they said they had no plans to allow something so simple! So, finally, I ended up with Amazon Cloud. $60/yr unlimited with all the features I wanted:

  • Auto-upload from Mac
  • Auto-upload from iPhone (and iPad)
  • Ability to move files and even folders!

I would HIGHLY recommend Amazon cloud ofer anything else out there. And btw, at Christmas they had a special, 1 year for $5 instead of the standard $60! Since I had already purchased for $60, I was able to buy the additional year for the $5 and should be able to now do this each year, depending on what the offer is :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

it sounds interesting for a cloud backup - does it do basic windows files to the cloud too?

Sounds really interesting, but is there a native client for the Drobo 5N that can run on the Drobo itself?
I’m trying Crashplan out, but it’s just too slow for me here (France) with only 1,5mbps speed (out of a 250mbps fiber optic uplink)

Unlimited? Personal for 5TB costs $1600 annualy… :)[hr]

I’ve been using Crashplan on my previous Qnap NAS and continue to use it on the Drobo as well. It’s not the fastest (uploads will take quite a while), but the value/price ratio is indeed unmatched.