Best Router for Drobo S

Hi guys. I’m Fabio, from Italy.
I’m here to ask you some suggestions.

I’ve a latest Drobo S (eSATA, FireWire 800, USB 3.0) shared by USB with an airport extreme (latest too) on my network.

After a lot of trials and research on Google I understood that drobo and airport extreme ar not so compatible (Drobo ALWAYS goes -after a while- in standby mode and entering AirportUtility I have an error code -6722. I had to reset always or drobo or airport).

Contacting Data Robotics they say that it’s an airport problem, contacting Apple they say that is a drobo problem…

Now, 'cause I have to solve the problem (It’s impossible, for me, working and have to reset drobo/airport every 30 minutes), my question for you is:

Can you tell me, by your experience, which is a router I can buy that have NO PROBLEM with Drobo S connected by USB?

Thanks a lot for your help


Since your version of Drobo is connected to the host computer
by means other than ethernet or other “network” connection the
router is irrelivant.

Your problem with Drobo dropping from the computer is most
likely caused by the “power saving” settings on either the Drobo
or host computer or both.

Drobo is connected by usb to airport extreme. So, there’s not any “host computer” (connected PCs are “client”, not host).
The host is the Airport Extreme…

Conencting Drobo directly to pc I’ve setted (by drobo Dashboard), the Disk Drive Spin Down to never, no power saving, so…

I don’t know, now, if I have to replace my Drobo S with a Drobo FS (ONLY LAN connection … firewire, usb 3.0 and esata are, anyway, useful) or simply replacing the router with a Netgear WNDR3700 or Linksys WRT160NL I can solve the problem.

This is the reason I wrote this thread asking if somebody else usually use the Drobo S connected by USB to a router without any problem

I see. Don’t know if you are going to find a router that
“supports” that configuration. They tend to be specific
to the type/model of USB drive they will support.

Good luck in your search.

Many of the cheap routers have problems with large file systems. They are optimized for a 500G/1TB drive in a USB enclosure that’s formatted FAT32. You would be much better off building a cheap Atom-powered MicroATX/MiniITX PC or getting a used Mac Mini and hooking your Drobo to that. That way you get Dashboard support. You can run the box headless (no monitor/keyboard/mouse) once you have set it up. When I get a new iMac for my kitchen computer the old Mac Mini and the Drobo that’s connected to it are going to the basement to run in just such a setup.

I really wish Drobo had updated the DroboShare to have decent performance, I’d really like to get an “appliance” type solution, but I guess that’s not going to happen now…

Agree with Spiney - that’s why I ended up with WHS (now running WHS 2011). Also gives you LOTS more flexibility.