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The clear Hui started dream, dreaming oneself was a brightly shining peach cheap ray ban sunglasses blossom, brilliant in the scholar hand.
“Teacher, am I no chance with Buddha?”
“Ta Ta Ta”, I am at old house of small house of in play that style of game for crossing.
The hand of "the son of Chi Tu there is flower blossoming, have a flower to fall, " teacher puts on the clear Hui shoulder, “even if flower fall, can spend eventually is brave of once open.”
"Elder sister Shi gives you."The scholar threw into a silk kerchief that embroiders to have a mandarin duck drama water through the building.
Clear Hui and scholar loudly smiled afterwards, the clear Hui imitated a Buddha to see a day between material lives such as the flower brocade, versatile.
“Teacher, that flower ����BE ray ban sunglasses sale moving.”
That scholar came again.The scholar path keeps arriving at clear Hui through building of before the window.
The vulgar joss-stick of ray ban sunglasses online the material life diluted bright moon An continuously of Buddha joss-stick.
from a distance hears the scholar saying:“Yi, the person is a peach blossom, the peach blossom is a person.”
"Teacher, that flower ����fall."The clear Hui sobs.
The peach blossom of bright moon An opened three degrees and fell three degrees.
While deteriorating and dispersing, the peach blossom clear Hui returned to bright moon An.Return to the clear Hui of bright moon An just as the fallen petal, although being beautiful,have already destroyed is ground and dilapidated.
Now, the father mother pours is have no e
“The Tu son isn’t a flower to move, is that you move.”
The clear Hui feels that teacher’s putting the hand in the shoulder at oneself is some to shiver, the title sees teacher, the canthus of teacher, the tear stain is unclear.
Clear Hui is at a leave bright ray ban sunglasses outlet moon An in the afternoon, nestle closely together but go to with that scholar, all of 2 people are one smiling of face, the smiling face is like the sun of the early spring in March.The clear Hui turned head to see one eye bright moon An, the bright moon An in the evening haze is that so vegetable Jie and majesty.
The clear Hui in the end didn’t throw the silk kerchief of scholar, the clear Hui fancied the vulgar joss-stick of the material life.
“Tu son, it is good luck to be born, go into a life time is also good luck, all of world everything is good luck.”
The clear Hui is through building lowering the head to chant Buddhist scripture.The clear Hui feels that the scholar that wants to see and fear to see sees her before window, the clear Hui chants discount ray ban sunglasses Buddhist scripture of the voice Be getting larger.The clear Hui of chanting Buddhist scripture feels that oneself had evil Zhang, the settling of Buddhist doctrine dint enchanted without a trace.
The elder sister occasionally calls words, advise for a while, I say to all know that that is a style of game that can not break through.See I have no message of reply, the elder sister changed to talk of tone, say the father mother also remembers me and also say to use need not send for me a point to what things come over.I say need not.,