Best OS to run multiple Drobo's

Hey Guys,

I have a collection of Drobo’s and they are currently all setup on a Mac Mini Server (late 2011) and it is running Snow Leopard, just cause I didn’t want to upgrade it.

If we try to stream a movie or I try to copy new data over to one of them (usually one of the Drobo Pro’s) the computer reboots on it’s own with no warning.

I am going to be upgrading the RAM to 16GB tomorrow, but didn’t know if anyone has had good luck with a given Operating System when it comes to multiple Drobo’s.

Here is what I have on the Mac Mini Server:
2x Drobo Pro’s
4x Drobo 4-Bay (varies Gen2 and Gen3) all with Firewire 800

Directly on the Network:
1x 5N

Hooked up to one of the Mac Pros:
1x Drobo 5S (usb3.0)

Hooked up to my Macbook:
1x Drobo 5S (usb3.0)

I am thinking of updating the OS on the Mac Mini Server to probably Yosemite or Mavericks just to put it closer to current but wasn’t for sure if I will be creating more problems or less.

Also I have all of the Drobo’s on the Mac Mini Server setup through Firewire 800, yes even the Drobo Pro’s. I wasn’t for sure how to get both of them setup to be controlled from the one Dashboard, so I just gave up on that idea.

I do plan to move all of this into a Rack Server I have now, and I can make them run off of Windows, Linux or anything else really from the Servers I have.

Any comments or thoughts are much appreciated. I have kind of forked out a good chunk of change for Drobo’s so don’t plan to change anytime soon. I may setup a MegaNAS with FreeNAS or something as a test but it won’t keep all of my photography and videography archives it will just be for short term storage.

Best Regards,

hi bradley, thats quite a setup there, and family of drobos (probably a few ‘generations’ of them if you excuse the pun) :slight_smile:

i think at the moment, upgrading operating systems might cause more problems than fixes, but as a simple test goes, what if you were to try the following?

a) to try rebooting all devices and repeating the test

b) to close all instances of dashboard (if it is running) and trying again just in case.

c) to then try removing a drobo from the mix, repeating the test, and then removing another one from the mix… just in case one of them is causing a conflict?

Hey Paul, I never got a notification that someone replied… which is odd.

But sadly I did upgrade to Yosemite, it was not planned. The ram I bought should have worked out of the box, but from reading some forums it appeared I needed to update SMC version, so in doing that… my OS had to change to fit the parameters that were required (OS wise) to do the update, then from there I installed fresh Yosemite and re-setup things. It was a long night but got everything working and as of right now they are working fine.

The only thing I may try right now is moving the two Drobo Pro’s and putting them in my Server Rack and instead of being hooked up via Firewire 800, have them connect to my Cisco switch and be controlled by the Mac Mini Server. It is hard to tell right now if that would be more efficient, the same or worse but eventually I am wanting to move a lot of this stuff into the Rack server cause it is taking up space and not being used. :slight_smile:

And yes many generations and a crap load of Drobo’s. I got a couple from a friend who switched to another backup system so I got a good deal on those :slight_smile:

Also for your 3 tests, I have done all those and more and just over time I got hiccups to which it seemed like when I tried to move lets say 30GB of files over the network is when it would just freeze up and reboot, so there is a bottle neck, whether it is memory, the connection type, the OS or many other things is yet to be determined. I do know when I temporarily had it hooked up to my other Mac Mini so my wife and babies could watch Wreck it Ralph for the 3,000th time it worked for them but it was by far more sluggish so glad to have it back on the Mini Server for the time being. :slight_smile:

hi brad, no worries, its good that everythings working again for you from the mac update.

i seem to remember some other users had a problem which went away after they disabled jumbo frames… maybe that is something you could try (if you have it already enabled)?