Best Drives for S

Anyone try any of the Hitachi 1TB drives?
Does the Drobo S have the same issues with the 1.5TB Seagate drives as listed in previous discussions?

Also, thoughts on if the 5400 (5900) rpm vs. 7200 rpm makes a difference in the Drobo S?

Thank you in advance. I have seen some of these questions addressed, but not necessarily specific to the Drobo S.

i got some samsung f1 7200rpm 32mb 1tb and seagate lp 5900rpm 32mb 2tb drives. work fine for me, and as the slowest transfer speed of the 5900rpm drives is still higher than what the drobo s can reach via fw800, that’s no issue to worry about.

I have 2TB hitachi and 2Tb WD.

The issues with the seagates was an issue with the drives- not with the drobo - seagate should have this completely fixed by now, but their complete lack of QA has put me off heir drives!

i wouldn’t be so sure onicon, it doesnt work quite like that. DRI have said that 7,200 rpm drives do make a difference in the Pro and the S is fairly similar. just because data is coming out the back at one speed, doesnt mean it isnt capable of processing it faster internally.

Especially for relatively small/random reads, the extra rotation velocity may help quite a bit for sustained reads it may not matter so much.

Thank you for the replies.

I actually went ahead and ordered some of the 1TB Hitachi drives. They were the best price for 1TB drives I could find. They are in my Drobo S right now and have been operating flawlessly, as far as I can tell.

Glad to hear it :smiley:

I’ve gone through 13 of the 1.5TB 7200.11 drive.
they definitely haven’t fixed it.
now, I sit here with 6 drives I can’t rely on and either 2 or 3 of them are completely dead.