Being driven mad by PIDs - please help!

Moved this from the DroboFS sub-board in the hope of getting some response!

I have a DroboFS and have tried to install rsync. All seems to go well initially, but rsync dies on reboot. I have found that if I delete the .pid file before restarting everything works fine.

I have tried to add a line in the file to delete the .pid on start, but the Drobo just will not do it. Every reboot has the same pid file in there with the same timestamp.

Can anyone help? Is there a way to factory reset a Drobo without data loss? I have noticed that if I turn off Drobo Apps in the Drobo Dashboard, the shared DroboApps folder still exists - shouldn’t it disappear?

Add this line:

if test -e $pidfile && test ! -d /proc/cat $pidfile ; then rm $pidfile ; echo “removed stale pid file” >> $logfile ; fi

to the file in the rsync directory, immediately after the open curly brace in the start() function.

It will test for a .pid file and remove it before trying to start the service.

That did it - many thanks! I’d tried to remove it before with a bit of script like that, but did not succeed! Thanks again.

Thank you!! Never thought to do it this way. I used a cron job to stop, rm, start. This is much better!