Bay seems broken, don't know what to do

Hi people.

Have had a Drobo 5C for a little less than 2 years, working fine til now. Four 12 TB hard drives and one 8 TB on it. A couple of days ago, the light on the slot of one of the 12TB drives went red, and I got the message on Drobo Dashboard that there was no drive in that bay.

Got the drive out, checked both drive and slot for debris, inserted it again. It made some sounds as if the drive was active and trying to read data, but the light was still solid red.

Meanwhile my computer (Mac Pro 2013 running Mojave) and Drobo Dashboard stopped recognizing the Drobo.

I tried replacing the drive with a brand new identical one in case it was faulty, but same thing happened.

Of course, rest of the lights are blinking yellow and green as if some kind of data protection was in progress (which I don’t think it will ever finish, as I didn’t have enough free space to have one of the remaining four drives available for redundancy).

So now I have the doubt:

  • Should I try and plug off the Drobo and see if rebooting it does something?

  • Should I buy another identical Drobo 5C and check if moving the drives over to the new one makes my data accesible again?

Any other advice?

I’m pretty worried I might lose my data, of course keeping it safe was the reason I bought a Drobo in the first place.

Appreciate any help, thanks in advance.