Basic drobo 5N questions

Looking for some help with how to implement a 5N.

I currently have a 5D connected to a Mac, as my iTunes library drive. The rest of the computers in my house are windows based. Now I’d like to move the iTunes library to a 5N instead, so I can get the drive out of the room. Newbie questions: What file format does the 5N use on the hard drives (my drives are currently in HFS+ format)? Both the Windows and Mac computers will be able to access the 5N because they will be communicating via network protocols, correct? Can choose to set up/control the 5N via the windows machine (drobo dashboard), but still set the itunes library directory as the 5N?

Thanks for the help!

anyone able to help?

The 5N uses ext4 internally. You would need to copy your iTunes database to the 5N, and then point iTunes at the 5N (there’s some magic ctrl/apple/shift key combination to change the location I believe). Note you can’t move the diskpack between the 5D and the 5N.

You can manage the 5N from either Windows or Mac via Dashboard as you suggest.