Bad quality?

Hey, So I bought a drobo v.2 about a month ago and today when I was to add my third drive I noticed the little HDD bay door was broken.

Plus the fact that the unit is noisy as hell and the fan never stops spinning.
Overall I’m satisfied with the data protection bit but not with the gadget itself. I’ll contact support again because of the fan issue (they asked me to wait for a while to see if it resolved by itself) and the broken door.

Does anyone know how support handles exchanges abroad? I’m in Spain right now. Since the drives can’t be used without a drobo, how long without my data I’m looking at?


im in the uk - my drobopro replacement shipped from germany and came very quickly

Was it an advanced replacement or did you have to send your faulty unit to Drobo first?

it was an advance replacement - i think mainly because of the type of fault - they wanted to know if it was my disk pack or the drobo which was faulty - therefore from their troubleshooting point of view - it was advantageous for me to have two units on site

i think i had to give them a credit card number as security, but they never charged it (if i remember rightly)

Ok so this is an update. I got my replacement drobo yesterday, and it works MUCH BETTER.
The fan doesn’t make anywhere near as much noise as the previous one.

I’ve scheduled for an UPS pick up of my old drobo for tomorrow.
I’m very happy I decided to call them up and ask for a replacement (well actually they offerred it first).

Thanks you all!

Ok forget about my previosu message. I’ve been doing some heavy work with the drobo and there’s a new sound that’s much worse than before.

It actually sounds like there’s something hitting the fan as it spins….

Just took a video of the sound the fan of my replacement drobo makes.


It sounds like the fan blades are hitting something, plus there doesn’t seem to be any air coming out of the back of the drobo. My previous drobo although with a noisy as hell fan, moved a lot of air through.

You definitely need to send this back, it’s broken. For the money this thing costs it should be smooth as silk during operation.

the funny thing is that this was a replacement sent from Drobo in Germany, I would expect replacement to be thoroughly checked before shipping them to customers.

I’m currently waiting for them to reply back to my support case that I re-opened a few days ago.

You aren’t the first person to be disappointed by the replacement unit. Some have even reported getting badly scratched refurbished units in exchange. I assume that’s rare, but it can happen.

I wish you all the best. “Viel Erfolg.”

Yes, indeed I remember reading about a user who got a replacement unit that was full of dust inside…

Drobo still hasn’t replied…

“Vielen Dank” :slight_smile:


my drobo v2 fan on (about a 3 months old) sounds like your youtube video. it is very, very nerve racking–but i sadly haven’t contacted drobo yet.

I got the impression that in many cases, Data Robotics support does not find enough information in the (encrypted) Drobo logs, and by default then assumes that it “could” be hardware related, thus offering a replacement.
It happened at least once in my case, and as expected the replaced Drobo did not improve anything.
As a direct consequence, they probably get too many “good Drobos” returned back, and thus push them back in the replacement circuit as fast as they can, without enough thorough checking.
Of course, even if that speculation is partially right, that does not excuse sloppy refurbishing, especially considering the price and semi-pro usage of a Drobo… :frowning: