bad HDD really bad and dual disk redundancy not working?

Today at lunch I put a 1TB WD Black Caviar in my drobo. I used this drive once to back up too while is was setting up my drobo so I would have 2 copies of my data (this was a week ago). I now have that data on a 1.5 I’m storing off site. Anyway, after inserting that HDD at lunch it crashed 5 hours after. I find this highly unlikely. I know HDD’s fail all the time and I’ve had my fair share. But this is a good drive and it has been used for only a small amount of time. I also don’t understand why my dashboard is telling me it can’t protect me against another harddrive failure. I have dual disk redundancy on (pic below).

My questions are:

  1. If I run a harddrive check and reformat the 1tb on my pc to find nothing is wrong will it still be flagged by the drobo as a bad drive? If I do this should I still try to use it? This worries me because when I was removing one drive to replace it with another 3 days ago it said the same thing while it was rebuilding. I also had dual disk redundancy checked when this happened.

  2. Why does my drobo say it can’t protect me on another harddrive failure if I have dual disk redundancy checked?

Sometimes I have seen the drobo mess up with how it detects drives when you put another one.

Did you follow the proper way to insert the drive? Did you put the main drive in, let it do all of its copy then wait until it turned green ? ?

Also sometimes if you have no import data, I had to do this once was doing a full hard reset with all my drives in, once I did this all my settings defaulted but I was able to set everything up.

  1. Regardless of whether it’s bad or not, if Drobo has marked it bad, it’s going to stay bad.
    That said, it very well could be bad. I’ve had days-old drives go splat. :frowning:

  2. The message is a bit misleading in DDR mode. If you’ve only lost one drive as your screenshot says, then you are still protected, just not at full (dual) redundancy.