Backup software

I’m new to Drobo and was wondering what is the prefered backup software. The ones on the faq’s don’t have really good reviews. I was curious what others are using. I have a Drobo 5n (updated with latest firmware), on a network, all 5 computers running windows 7.Thanks.

hi, while i only have DAS drobos, i have found some of the Syncback range of tools to work perfectly for me.
(actually if you try a search for syncback on these forums you will probably find lots of details about how i use it) :slight_smile:

i use it on windows to do a mixture of backing up selected files/folders using mixed sources and destinations that include at least the following:

  • from computer to drobo gen 1
  • from drobo gen1 to gen2
  • (selected folders) from gen2 to gen1)
  • from gen1/2 to external drives

they have a free version too (though a lot of network features may be in the other versions) but all i would say though is that its very good to try using it with some copies of your data first, as a trial run so that you can fully understand the config before you automate anything.

I used Crashplan for a year, but I had constant issues. I’ve since moved on to using AOMEI backup software installed on several PCs backing up to Drobo, and SOS Online Backup for backing up the Drobo itself. I’m happy with both products so far. :slight_smile:

Thank you both, Paul and AzDragonLoad, for your insight and recommendations.

no worries, please let us know how things go