Backup one FS to another with rsync

Hi All - Before I start spinning my wheels on rsync configs, wondering if it’s even possible to use rsync in this manner on two Drobo-FS’s. I have rsync installed on both boxes, but looks like they are just listener daemons. Without chron access to the FS, I’m not sure how I would kick off an rsync job from the primary FS to the backup.
Ideally, there would be no other machine running in this scenario, just two Drobo-FS’s. I don’t want to use DroboCopy as the second/backup FS will eventually be moved offsite.
Is this possible?
Thx - noob

I’m in the same boat, bought and implemented my first FS intending to eventually buy a second and move it off-site, and sync the two. Found a post in these forums addressing the need for a dropbear client:


Still have to figure out the cron part. The FS is a fairly new product and I expect that’s why there isn’t a trail blazed along these lines. If/when I get something working I’ll post back what I have, but that won’t be for several months.

To schedule jobs on the Drobo FS, use crontab. The command

crontab -h

gives the available options. The format of crontab is six fields per line, in the order min, hr, day, month, day-of-week, command. Google gives some examples.

Crontab, and crond, expect to see entries in the directory /var/spool/cron/crontabs, which does not exist as-shipped. Create that directory tree or specify another directory with the -c switch.

The crond daemon is not set to run on boot. I added


to /etc/profile to run crond on boot.

Both crond and crontab are part of the busybox implementation of Unix utilities, included with the FS.

Good stuff - thx. Planning on playing with this tomorrow afternoon. Will post my findings as well.

To confirm, you’re SSH’ing into the FS and crontab is included in the kernal? Did you need to load an SSH or Chron AP?

Crontab and crond are both included in the busybox executable. The only thing I had to add to the FS was the ssh client (dbclient), which I haven’t made use of yet, but which I will use to connect to the second FS after I buy it, dropbear and rsync. For now I’m experimenting with rsync between shares in the single FS unit.