Backup of Drobo 2nd with DroboShare to another NAS


I didn’t find a solution for my problem in this community, yet. I’d like to backup one or more folders of my drobo to another NAS in my internal network automatically. I’ve found out that rsync is a DroboApp for Backup-System. Unfortunatley, the website of rsync is very difficult to understand. Does anybody knows a script or a tutorial for solving my problem?

Wonder the same thing also. Is it possible to mirror or replicate two Drobo FS’s?

It’s definitely possible, but I’m not familiar enough with rsync. Try asking in the normal Drobo FS forum.

@rehmaster – rsync is the Swiss Army Knife of the DroboApps. Very powerful, and complex looking. Try googling for “rsync tutorial”. Here is one that might help you: