Backup AND file sharing?

Hi all, new user here, and I’m very excited! I have my Drobo Backup utility running, and I’m excited to finally have a good local backup of my stuff, but I’m also curious if I can use the Drobo for primary storage as well? I believe I just create a new share, and that will allow my networked computers to see the Drobo as another computer folder, right?

Also, in regards to the backup, if I delete files off my local computer, do they get deleted off the Drobo as well, or are those archived somewhere on the Drobo?

Thanks for the help!

Yeah if you make a share, your networked computers will see the share that you make. You can go to the network area if you are using windows 7.

Ideally, the Drobo should be used for primary storage or for backups. If you need to use it for both, make sure the primary storage data is backed up elsewhere.