Backing Up the FS to A Cloud

I drop in every 6 months or so to see what the current thinking is about backing up a Drobo to something “off site”.

Carbonite always seemed $$ reasonable UNTIL you included a NAS or Drobo and all of a sudden the cost escalated big time.

I’ve been looking at a new outfit called Zoolz but have not figured out exactly how to best set up their service to cover our two laptops and the Drobo-FS.

What’s been working for the group here?

hi jim
the impression i got from people here, was that crashplan was offering unlimited backups/storage…
can you pass us some more info on your situation/costs involved?

if you still have about 500gb of data used, (estimated at 750gb?) have you looked at the 2 new products from drobo’s sister company (or parent company now), called Transporter and Transporter sync?

If it’s just data you need to backup, it might be a cheap way (one time cost outlay) to get one and plug in a 1tb drive for example, and to have all your data synced to there. (but, you would have to trust the Off site location, such as good friend or relative etc, and you “might” have to give them a little something towards energy bill) but it might be worth it over the years.

in one of your other posts, you mentioned a worry about fancy drive images failing to restore.
(this is a Valid concern, and the closest thing i know that supposedly still restores for you, is Acronis)

i’ve only tested out an acronis from a 500gb drive, onto a 1tb drive on the same machine, but the version i bought is supposed to let you restore to any other hardware…i just havent had the pleasure/reason/time to test that part out yet though :slight_smile:

I initially looked at Carbonite - until I realized that their definition of “unlimited” means “typical for an average user” and I’m at least 12 times greater than an “average” user. :wink:

Now I’m using CrashPlan… I don’t quite know how much data has already uploaded, but it multiple terabytes.
Started in April… still going. Good thing Comcast stopped capping data.

yeah, i guess bhiga by name and bhiga by nature LOL :slight_smile: