Backing up Drobo to a Truenas DIY NAS

Dear friends,

I have purchased a second nas to create a backup of my drobo nas. It is a DIY nas based on Truenas. I have connected the Drobo directly to the Truenas via a cross over cable on NIC2 (NIC1 is connected to my network). I have assigned an IP manually to have them talk to each other, this works (Drobo Truenas I can ping them from Truenas shell.

What I would like to know; is it possible to have the drobo copy data to the truenas directly, for maximum speed and not saturating the network, via that cross connection? I can of course do this via windows, to copy from drobo share to truenas share, but this goes via the network. Does drobo DR work with another none-drobo nas? If not, is there another way (shell command or something similar) to have the copy managed directly from the drobo to my new truenas?

In short; can I run a copy directly from the Drobo to an IP address/location?

Thanks so much in advance!

Given how much more flexible a DIY NAS is & given you already have shell access, probably easier to get the truenas unit to pull the data using something as like rsync.