Backing up Drobo FS contents to tape via Backup Exec?

I’ve got a user who just purchased a Drobo FS and is using it as his primary file storage and share on his network. He’d like to create a backup job in Backup Exec 2010 that will back up the contents of the Drobo onto his tape drive.

I cannot get Backup Exec to communicate with the Drobo FS. I’ve tried all forms of resource credentials, but Backup Exec fails to log onto the Drobo every time.

Anyone else doing this sort of thing and manage to get it working?

That’s odd. Does it work if you mount the share as a mapped network drive (letter)?

Well there are 16 folders on the Drobo, and they are all in the root of the Drobo. I want to back up all of the folders, but I can’t do a mapped network drive to the root of the Drobo. I’d have to do a mapped network drive to each folder on the Drobo.

Try mapping just one, for troubleshooting purposes, just to see if that makes a difference.