Backing up a different NAS to B800fs

I have two NAS servers. Server A is a Qnap TS-419U and Server B is a Drobo B800FS. What is the easiest and best way to schedule automatic backups of my Qnap TS-419U server to the Drobo B800fs? Does the Drobo have something built in that can be configured to automatcially backup the Qnap?


hi mike,
there was a drobocopy app which came out, but as far as i remember, it was discontinued.

this page mentions different ones that could help, and shows tools for windows as well as mac:

personally, i use a version of syncback (which is windows only), to semi-automatically mirror selective data of my gen1 drobo onto my gen2, and it works a treat. edit: I also use it for data that is on computer, to be backed up to a drobo s as well, so in your case data on a qnap should work fine as source data.

(it does support scheduling or full-auto, but recommend that it is tested with test data before you fully automate anything)

Thanks Paul. I did find that support page shortly after I posted this and hopefully I can find something that will do the job. My workstation computer’s are mostly mac, so I am using the drobo TimeMachine feature to back them up. I was just hoping that I could get either the Qnap server to backup to the Drobo or have the Drobo backup the Qnap server directly.

thanks again!


ah ok, no problem,

please let us know what you find, and maybe some other forum users will post if they have suggestions or have been in that situation before too.

i used a cheap program called Goodsync, you can select a left and right backup or synchronise and you can schedule (mines every 12 hours) etc etc.