Backing up a 5D to a B800fs

Ok looking for some advise here. I’m photographer running a Mac under Mojave.

I have a 5D attached to my MacPro DT via Thunderbolt 2 which I store and access all my working documents and images from. Have approx 1.6TB of Files on it presently.
I have an archive of 7 1TB drives that have with content I moved off of my system prior to the Drobo 5D as I ran low on HD space. When I need to access any content from those I mount the drives via a dock.

I was given a new never used B800fs with 4 2tb WD Red drives. Looking for the best quickest way to use the B800fs as a backup for the 5D 1st and then I want to add more drives to then put the content from the 7 1TB drives.

Thinking of creating 2 volumes on the B800fs making one for the 5D backup and the other for the other content I keep as an archive.

Possible thoughts of using Time Machine ™ for the backup or Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC). Thought that to speed up the process of a backup with a program other than TM creating a disk image would be best.

Any advise would be appreciated.

Thanks, Pete