Backing to Drobo while in Relayout ?

If a drive failure should occur which results in the Drobo S going into Re-Build or Relayout Mode, during the middle of running a 3rd party Backup Imaging Pgm to copy data from the windows system C: drive to the Drobo S:


  1. Will the Backup successfully complete with a valid backup copy on the Drobo drive ??

  2. If yes, I would imagine that the backup will just take significantly longer to complete ??

  1. yes it should do (but most backup programs offer an option to verify the backup image - which you should definitely do)

  2. yes - performance is significantly affected while in a degraded (no longer redundant) mode


Thanks for answer,
… This is just a “what if” question, at this point, so as to know what will occur in the future, should one be unlucky enough to have a drive failure, during a Backup process.

P.S. Would the Backup Process typically finish before the “Relayout” finishes ??
My current Backup process takes about 1 Hour to complete currently, I hope that I would not have to wait say 20+ hours for lets say a future Relayout to complete, before the Backup Completes ???

depends how big the backup is!

i’d guess it would probably go at half the speed, so it would be a 2 hour backup - so it would finish well before your 20 hours rebuild

Thanks for info.