B810N visible but times out trying to access


I have a 412 day old Drobo B810N that is visible in the Drobo Dashboard as well as Windows Explorer but when I try to write data to the B810N, Windows times out. I can read from it but it will either take very long or time out. The HDD activity LED on the B810N is flickering and I can hear the HDDs but it times out. I connected my Alienware laptop directly to the B810N with the same result.

Inconveniently (for me) the Drobo is failing completely outside of warranty.
It was acting up (being slow, dropping transfers and not showing in Explorer) since October but given it took me 4 months to get Drobo to warranty the caddy they supplied I didn’t have the energy for another round with them. This failure might even be related since the issue with the caddy was that it wouldn’t eject (had to be pulled with tweezers) and when it was inserted, the SSD wasn’t recognized.

Anyone have any thoughts? before I junk a $1,500 machine and NEVER buy another Drobo again? This was my second purchase…I liked that they were a US company but so far, their CS is below my expectations for the product price point.

hi zenica,
can i check how much free space there is on yoru drobo at the moment? (for example does dashboard show you a particular overall free space value, and a % overall?)

if the drobo is showing all solid green lights on your drives, can i check how much free space the particular windows volume has, where you were trying to copy things onto it? - the part when you mentioned reading seems ok, but not writing, makes me think something along the lines of space initially?

(if it was a DAS directly-attached model, i would have also suggest plugging it directly, without any other users or programs accessing it, and then to run a usual windows checkdisk, but since it is a nas i would instead wait to see what the above looks like if you get a chance?)