B810n "the set of disks... are incompatible"

Hi all,

Just picked up a Drobo B810n. Filled it up with eight 6tb WD RED drives. After installing the latest firmware, the Drobo Dashboard tells me “The set of disks you have inserted are incompatible with the firmware running on your Drobo device. There may be an update that allows you to use these disks. Please make sure that your Drobo device is using the latest firmware.”

I have verified that I am indeed on the latest firmware, 3.5.12.

These drives worked perfectly in the Drobo B800fs I am upgrading from.

Any ideas?


hi christian, can i check if you are trying to migrate a diskpack, in order to retain all existing data that you had on the b800fs? if that is the case, it may not be possible, based on here:

(this page usually mentions all the migration paths, and unless im not seeing the info properly, it does not seem part of the upgrade path, and trying any more times could result in data loss)

as you have picked up a drobo b810n though it is probably worth contacting the sales team just to play safe and check if this migration is possible, in case the website is currently being updated and not showing it yet though.