B810n crashing with "internal error...detected"

I have a B810n which I’ve had since 2017 and am using as a home NAS. Once a month (on average) it will seemingly crash and restart, logging the event, “An internal error has been detected.”


So far, this has not resulted in any data loss, but it does make me a bit anxious to see this happening with such frequency.

Has anyone else seen this issue before, or do you know where on the Drobo itself I might be able to look for some more information on what, exactly, the nature of the internal error is?


Have you tried to run the diagnostic tool from the Dashboard?

If you can read logs, then it might shed some light on the issue, but from memory once you have it allows you to upload the diagnostics report directly to Drobo support as part of a ticket.



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Good shout; I had forgotten about that option.

From looking at the system messages, it looks like each crash is preceded by a “page allocation failure,” followed by some kind of kernel error that causes a full restart. It’s unfortunately beyond my ability to troubleshoot further, so I might need to purchase a support case.

Thanks again for the idea about running the diagnostic export, though. That was a big help.

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Pleasure. Pretty sure you will need that support plan. I’ve had a tough time with support myself with my unit being out of warranty.

Good luck with it.