B810i No lights after firmware upgrade

I went through the setup documentation and installed the 2.0.0 firmware via the manual update in the Dashboard. The B810i restarted but now gives a solid column of blue lights for 10 seconds and the bays stay yellow for about 20 seconds then the front panel goes completely blank. Not even a green power light. The fans are still spinning and the NIC is blinking as if its trying to connect to something but nothing happens for hours.

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I have this same issue and see no other replies to this thread. Support has yet to even call back. Is this what they call support? Not good Drobo.

I ended up being able to RMA after a month or so of back and fourth troubleshooting with the support team. Have you submitted a ticket yet? It took ages but eventually was able to get a replacement. Haven’t had the time yet to set up my new drobo though. Fingers crossed its not another dud.

Just spoke to support but I had to call “Sales” and get transferred in order to get a live body on the phone. The ticket I started a few days ago did not generate a call back. Now we’ve begun the process of troubleshooting which will likely end in an RMA but we have to exhaust their silly steps first. It’s pretty obvious to me but at least they are working on it. Thanks for the input…