B800i won't mount

After weeks of purchasing a 800i I am still unable to mount it on my Mac (OSX 10.9.5). Dashboard 2.5.3 is also not recognising it and Drobo’s support suggestion:

Uninstall Dashboard -
Uninstall ALL Java on Mac -
Reboot Mac
Go to Java.com, you should be prompted that Java is not install and advise you to install. It should be the Runtime 8. I recall it should be a 200+ MB download.
Reboot Mac
Install Apple Java - http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1572. This should be a 60+ MB download
Reboot Mac
Install Dashboard 2.5.3 -
Connect USB to B800i, perform a pin hole reset with Drives -
Once pin hole reset has been performed with Drives installed, remove USB and plug in Network cable. Check if Dashboard detects unit.

ALSO DIDN’T WORK (as Dashboard could not mount the Drobo using the USB cable, I was not able to setup the iSCSI connection yet, …)
Now I am stuck not being able to backup my data and no more support response…
Pls, can anybody respond who was able to mount the 800i on OSX 10.9.5 and let me know how he managed to do so.
Thank you!

You will need to setup the IP settings (to match the subnet of your network) using the USB connection first. Could you try a different USB port / USB cable? If you can’t get the Dashboard detecting the unit via USB, you would not be able to setup the iSCSI settings for it…