B800i users out there?

How fast is that pub? Does it have Dashboard 2.0 shipped w/ the CD? I’ve tried 2.0 and it doesn’t detect my Elite!

Humme, nobody? Maybe I’ll be the one but that’s for my client using Hyper-V. At least the good news is my distributor has them in stock now.[hr]
Humme, nobody? Maybe I’ll be the one but that’s for my client using Hyper-V. At least the good news is my distributor has them in stock now.

I’m running a b800i and got a few issues with it. Working with tech support to try and figure them out now.

Dashboard 2 ships on cd. Updated to 2.0.2 firmware on the b800i from the website. Make sure to format the volumes you create using the dashboard. I also had to set the volume single host only and CHAP disabled to get it to work with my SBS2011.

Throughput over a single gbe is 60-70 mb/s.

Since loading the drive with data I’m seeing MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSODs, and I’m trying to see if this is due to the iscsi config, DD, VSS, or just bad timing with the drobo installation and it’s something else causing my problems.

Tks for the update! Glad we hardly and I hope never have to play w/ another SBS or EBS. We’ve been using DroboPro & DroboElite in Windows Server 2008R2 and ESXi & vSphere. So,it’s nice to know abt the Dashboard 2.0 has issues w/ multiple host config.

well I guess my BSOD woes weren’t iscsi or device related. A few hours with the b800i unattached and it happened again.


I wish I weren’t fighting with my server and could give a better impression of the unit. It seems good.[hr]

I’m not sure I’d blame the DD instead of me on that one. This is my first drobo and it’s very possible that multiple host works fine and I just set it up wrong. CHAP also seems like a simple thing that should just work but after fighting with it for the better part of an hour I just gave up and got to work on other things.

I’m deploying ~20 laptops and ~15 workstations later this week and I still need to build a FOG server and make master images. I was hoping to have the b800i up so I can image the existing installs onto it and selectively move the data back after I fog them. Not sure how any of this is going to happen if I can’t trust my server to stay up through the process now. Wish me luck.

Keep us updated on how your experience is with the b800i. I just received one for one of my clients also. This particular person is running Windows Server 2008 on two hosts with the hyper-v role.

We just got an B800i and we have an SBS 2008 based network. We have Server 2008, 2008R2, XP, Seven and OS X flavors that I can’t count at the moment (we don’t have Lion.)

I’m certified in SBS (2008 and 2011) and in Windows Internals. If you can get a minidump or a kernel crash dump on the machine, consider sending me the minidump in a PM and I’ll look at it for you, whether it’s related to Drobo or not.

So far as I’m aware there are no iSCSI initiator bugs that are specific to SBS, though you should look at the underlying Windows Server 2008 system to make sure it’s fully updated.

I don’t have to tell you that there are other things to chase down such as hardware or power issues because you probably know this; I’ve been there too.

I am new to iSCSI myself since this Drobo is our first SAN.[/b]

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