B800i low usable space warning with mutli-TBs available

We run a B800i with 8 slots, 2 are free and 6 have 4tb drives. Because of software limitations, we broke the 24tb capacity into a 16tb volume and an 8tb volume. We are getting a red light on the first open slot (the occupied slots are all green), and a warning in the Dashboard saying it’s running very low on usable space. In the Capacity screen, it shows 17tb used, 250gb free. In the Volumes screen, the 8tb volume shows 1.4tb free, and the 16tb volume shows 5.5tb free. We’ve had issues for the past couple of days with some backup jobs (Veeam) running extremely slowly (4MB/s processing rate). Normal rates are around 20MB/s. I updated the dashboard to the most current version 3.5.0 [113780]

Any ideas? I hate to order and install an additional drive for the 7th slot if we already have plenty of free space available.

Can you open Drobo Dashboard and screenshot your capacities on each volume?
Also have you updated your firmware recently?

I’m pretty sure the firmware hasn’t been touched for quite awhile. The dashboard software was updated this week, though.

Thanks for the images.
It looks like you need to add another drive and then reallocate data from your backup to an expanded working volume, or cull some data.

To make sense of this use the Drobo Capacity Calculator

Select the 8D and load up the 6x 4TB drives you have identified, it showed me:
17.43TB available for data [from]
Raw Capacity: 21.82 TB
Reserved for Expansion: 0 GB
Used for Protection: 4.39 TB

The data availability is similar in quantum to that identified in your images.
You’re full.

Your 8TB volume can be automatically increased up to 16TB, and the Drobo is letting you know to add another drive to make that happen.

Thanks for the info.I assumed free space was free space, and the protection data was included in ‘used’. This will be tricky, because we divided the two volumes between two business units. Thanks again…