B800i Firmware Update 2.0.6

Hi All,

I noticed there is a Firmware update for the B800i to version 2.0.6 released recently.
It mentions only one update/fix:

Fix issue (prevent) accessing >32TB physical storage.

I was wondering if this relates to the previous hard limit for maximum physical storage of 32TB?

Can we have more than 32TB physical storage in the B800i now?

Hoping this means we can utilise the full 48TB now with 8 x 6TB drives?


the b800fs had an update recently to 2.1.7 and in the notes

Disallow access of >32TB physical storage

similar wording, I have 2 b800fs both with more than 32TB of usable (after redundancy) space and it still shows the excess data as unallocated.

maybe someone can explain this firmware change to us?