B800i doesn't detect hdd and no dashboard discovery


Simple question: what specific drives can I install in this unit?

It does not like any harddrives I have around. Enterprise or not it won’t recognize any drive I install.

All lights stay red. Even after reboot it won’t change the status of disk 1

If I pull the drive out again it blinks and sometimes the dashboard recognizes the b800i. I can access it but I can not change anything. It displays that the hdd is either not supported or that I should install a drive in slot 1.
Randomly the b800i disconnects and can not be found by the dashboard

I do have other drobo products and all the harddrives i tested with the b800i work in them (just normal drives nothing fancy… some of them are enterprise some consumer grade)

Drives are fine under windows and osx


This is a wierd product … got it to boot and recocnise the harddrives (got a new 2 TB Baracuda Compute Drive).

The newes dashboard doesn’t recognise the unit. The older one does but only on my windows 10 notebook. It doesn’t discover the unit on my Server 2016?

I can not connect via iscsi (ms or others…)

In MS iscsi initiator after typing in the portal i am presented with a management id and the id of the volume i crated. managment seems to be connected by default. if i connect to teh volume it it connects but no drive shows up ?