B800fs with WD 6TB Red NAS: Shares halt!

Hi everyone,

My Drobo is killing me! At random moments shares disappear from my small office network. When that happen also Drobo Dashboard can not connect to the B800fs. However, ping keeps working and I can see the device when browsing network. But when click to open in order to access shares I get the annoying “Network Error: Windows cannot access \DROBO” popup. Similar for OSX computers.


Drobo B800fs firmware: 2.15 (OOB)
Drobo Dashboard: 2.53 Windows
Drives: 4x WD 6TB Red NAS
TimeMachine: Not in use.
DroboApps: only Dropbear for pointless (since I can not remote restart) telnet access

I thought was drives’ problem. I found articles saying WD Red NAS drives have unusual way to sleep. I try to stop them from sleep by schedule copying a file of 100GB every 1 minute (and delete them all every day). This maybe help, but not really. Sometimes a week pass without any problem. Other times shares crash 2-3 times per day! Makes me crazy! I can only reboot from the button.

Is there any Beta firmware or something can save me?


Can you confirm if you have DroboCare and if you have filed a case with support? Can you also confirm if you have unchecked the disk spindown option in Drobo dashboard?

Drobo Support

wow this is a wierd issue, i would do a reset on the drobo, provided you have data backed up, sounds like something went wrong when drives were initialized when you put them in

drive spindown is important for longevity so i wouldnt disable that, i havent had any issues with my primary full of reds and my secondary full of greens waking.

this shouldnt happen with those drives, might be a failing drobo or internal powersupply

Just noticed how old this is, did you find the solution?