B800fs taking forever to build, estimate fluctuates

Hi there,

I have a B800fs with a diskpack with about 25 TB space (2 disk redundancy). Replaced 2x 4 TB drives with 2x 8 TB drives which should bring it up to 32 TB total. The array started rebuilding (data protection in progress) and it’s been 1.5 weeks. This is my first time going through the process.

At first it said it would take 430ish hours to rebuild. A few days ago we’re down to 330ish. Yesterday it was down to 28 hours. Today it says that there are 430 hours left.

Array is generally only used on weekends so it’s idle most of the time.

Is something wrong and I need to do something or is the time estimate wildly innaccurate and I should just keep waiting?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, there is no useful feedback from the device about what it’s doing so this is nerve wracking!