B800fs Sync-Is it working?

My primary 800 has a total of capacity 24.94 Tb. It has 20.95Tb used spread over 2 volumes. Yesterday I started to sync this data to another 800 with that same capacity (24.88 Tb) which had no data on it. Not being familiar with the process, I set up 2 volumes on it and started the sync process. Both drobos show activity and after about 15 hours, the target shows 561.1 Gb (and increasing) used space which means something has and is being copied to it. My problem is that when I try to see what has been copied, Win 10 file explorer can access the target but it has no volumes or data. The dashboard confirms that there are no shares on the target. I made sure I had the latest firmware before I started the process.

I was thinking about manually copying all the data over and then starting the sync process. I remember seeing that the sync process erases data on the target drive when the process starts so that doesn’t seem like a good idea and that seems to be confirmed by the fact that I no longer have any volumes on the target Drobo. I don’t want to stop the process, but I feel something is wrong and would hate to find after a a couple of weeks that nothing was accomplished but feel that I should start over.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated as I will let the process continue until I get a reply…Tony

All is well and working after about 28 days. I thought I’d answer my own question for the benefit of others as no one answered my question. It’s been a long process but now I finally have a complete backup of my data. After the activity lites on both Drobos finally stopped and the used space on both Drobos was the same, I was able to see both volumes and files on the target Drobo in Win 10 file explorer…Tony

hi tony, thanks for posting the all clear.
i think your 1st post might have been missed inbetween checks but am glad your syncing worked out all ok in the end.

am not sure if the sync tool is automatic (such as every day or week etc), though it might not be a bad idea to stop the sync in the meantime, until you are able to read through all the manuals etc and to be fully happy with how it will work going forward, just to play safe?