B800FS Shares only working with direct connection

I have a B800FS and have been having issues with access the one share I created. I also have the default “Public” share on it. It fails to connect to the shares when the switch is connected to our Cisco 3750. However when I assign my laptop to the subnet it’s on and directly connect the laptop straight to the Drobo, the shares mount, and the odd part is, within Dashboard the share is checked! When I access the Dashboard on a system that is on our switched network, the share is not checked?

Any suggestions?
The Drobo was purchased two years ago by another part of my company and it’s out of warranty, so this forum is my only help

Thanks in Advance.

I have resolved the issue. The sharing was not allowed due to a Domain Group Policy. LAN Manager Authentication Level set to Send LM and NTLM - Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options folder had a restrictive setting. So if you set up a Drobo and you’re not able to connect to a share, but you can when you connect a system directly to it via the network interface, check your GPOs.

I am new to Drobo. Last week, I got a drive failure message. I replaced the 1 redlighted drive with an upgrade from 1T to 2T on Monday, about 6 hours into the recycle, the 2nd of the 5 drives went yellow, and I received another failure warning. We shut down, replaced the 2nd drive with an upgraded 2T, and now we have a third warning (yellow, so far). We are monitoring the drives - we still have access. My plan is to replace it if it turns red during the course of the day; if not, replace it before the end of the day, and give the system the weekend to recycle.

I would prefer not to have to burn more $$$ on another drive but I cannot determine if it is drive failure or recycling. I get the impression from prior posts that this is not unusual.

Please advise

BTW, Live Support has not been Live or Supportive.

What LAN Manager Authentication Level(s) work with the B800FS?