B800FS or ProFS

Are these two identical except for the cosmetic changes, or is the 800FS faster than the ProFS?


They share the same firmware but that doesn’t really answer your question as there could still be internal changes. Maybe the b800fs has a faster processor or more memory, even though the two are functionally equivalent.

Looks like Storage Switzerland migrated a disk pack from a DroboPro FS to a b800fs - not sure why they’d do that if they’re identical, but hey, people do strange things for even stranger reasons. :slight_smile:

I too would like to know, because my memory is fuzzy on the subject!

i saw that artcile too, and you can migrate a drobo v1 diskpack to the new 5D, or a drobo 5 bay FS diskpack to the new b800fs, so sadly thats not terribly informative.

but the b800fs came out only a few months after the drobopro fs (drobopro fs is about 4 years old, so the b800fs is already three!) , so i wonder if it just got a new front to make it match the other models?

the back of the machines look virtually identical

i hope an employee can give us a definitive answer

Is there an answer to this question about the difference between 800FS and ProFS?

Motherboard inside appears to be identical.

(just linking to steves other recent post in case this is related)