B800fs Apps menu missing


I logged in as admin to my B800fs, checked the Drobo Apps menu, rebooted, but the Drobo apps menu is not visible in the dashboard. Any clues as to why?

Theres only PERL5 and php5 in the DroboApps folder. Would this make a difference?

I too have a Drobo B800FS that I just received a few days ago… I updated the Dashboard and the firmware to the latest versions and I also do not have hte DroboApps Menu. ???

I have enabled Droboapps and the DroboApps shared folder is available via SMB but still no menu. ??

I have the same issue on a Drobo FS.

I also have that same issue on a Drobo FS in mac. I thought it could be dashboard 2.7 since the drobo legacy download page mentions dashboard 2.6.4 for Drobo FS but that download installs v2.7 even though the dmg file says 2.6.4 ?![hr]
just tried on another mac with dashboard 2.5.x and it’s not showing up either…

hi i found a link about which user to log in, am not sure if this helps but might be worth trying:

Hi chaps,

Looks as though they’ve changed the way certain Drobo devices access the DroboApps Share.


Check out the bottom section.

I have tried accessing the hidden share, but have been unsuccessful. Whe I log in and check the Admin options it only gives me the option to change the admin password, nothing else.

Anyone any ideas?

Running multiple B1200i’s and could do with some admin apps installing.

I had a ticket in with support as I was all excited about being able to use plex with the new apple tv. Upgraded dashboard and firmware, no more enable apps. I’m one version of the dashboard newer since I upgraded and one upgrade on firmware and they still haven’t fixed the problem. Apparently they know it’s an issue, but are taking forever to fix it.

I’d actually be happy if I could install an older dashboard and older firmware, but they haven’t replied about old versions being available nor have they replied about if it’s a problem with the firmware or the dashboard.

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It appears that the latest release of the dashboard has fixed the problem. 2.7.1 now shows drobo apps

cool dangill